By: H. S. Tak and Amancay Nahuelpan

IDW Publishing

BOY-1 is set in a world after the completion of The Human Genome Project heralds a new age in science, medicine, and technology, but any form of human cloning has been deemed incompatible with society’s standard of ethics. It then goes on to explore what could happen if a group of intrepid researchers didn’t listen…

“I just tried to make a story that would grip and not let go,” said writer/creator Tak. “I’m thankful that Chris Ryall put his eyes on it and brought it into IDW—I can’t think of a better team of storytellers around me. Amancay took the words and lifted them up with his ink.”

BOY-1 is also being developed for television by Scripted World (Alon Aranya & Rob Golenberg), the producers behind Hostages and Betrayal

“These are the kinds of stories that explode into your life and take you to another world, one that might seem far off but is much closer than we think. We’re thrilled to develop the series for TV,” said Aranya.

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